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The group of popular culture Pé-de-Chinelo

The group grew out of the desire of three friends –Bruno, Edgard and Vanusa – to preserve and spread the popular culture of their region, state and city, realizing informal gatherings featuring various traditional African-inspired dances, such as the jongo, coco, batuque, semba (an Angolan dance), lundu, samba-de-roda, and frolics typical of Rio de Janeiro, such as the mineiro-pau, cirandas de Tarituba and folia de reis.

Pé-de-Chinelo is formed of people interested in our popular culture, who besides studying it want to participate and preserve it actively. We seek to pique the interest of young and old alike in cultivating their own culture and thus relating more satisfyingly with their fellows. By holding workshops and popular gatherings at community events, schools and cultural centers, we aim to involve more and more people, especially in places that are not fully aware of the huge variety and wealth of our popular heritage and cultural roots.

We’re in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, but the whole world’s our stage.

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